Friday, September 6, 2013

Madison Mini Marathon

Ryan and I signed up for the Madison mini last year. It was my 4th half marathon and would have been Ryan's first half. After a summer of wedding planning Ryan didn't get enough training in and decided to run the 5k instead. I probably wasn't fully trained for a half but moved forward with it anyway!
Madison Mini

It was great weather for a race! Ryan and I drove downtown and parked in a parking ramp. We thought we had plenty of time but as we got closer to the race start we were faced with a bit of an issue. The porta potty lines were outrageous. They were what seemed like a mile long and swerved all over the place. I had no idea where to stand in line. I had about 15 minutes to pee and line up at the start.  I found an end to one of the lines and just started the waiting game. I finally got my turn to pee and sprint to the start . I hadn't started my garmin to find satellites yet because I wanted to be able to see what time it was.  I was supposed to be lined up in coral G but ended up in coral J because I was so late.

From not starting my garmin early enough it never worked for the whole race. I have run races without a garmin before but I was really bummed it wasn't working.  It never located the satellites! Needless to say this race was not off to the best start.  I thought most of the race was pretty congested. There were times when I slowed to a walk.  Things looked up around mile 3 when I ran into (literally) two guys from my lunch break work running group! Ray and Ken had a great pace going and it was nice to have a little motivation from them. I will definitely miss these two when I start my new job.

My last half marathon I finished in 1:48:47. What was ironic is this race I finished in almost the exact same time. It was 1:48:49. I couldn't believe I pulled it off after all of the mishaps in the beginning. Ryan did great in his 5k too and never stopped for any walk breaks! We celebrated afterwards by playing some cards with friends and watching a pre season Packer game!

Me and fellow blogger dailycupofkate!

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