Monday, September 9, 2013

2014 Weddings

This weekend consisted of everything weddings.  Ryan and I were going to obtain our Dane County marriage license but it turned out he doesn't have his birth certificate so he has to wait to get that from his parents. We did meet with our Pastor though. She is so great and I feel much more relaxed after meeting with her. We decided instead of doing the unity candle which some ceremonies have to do a unity tree.  We will have a small tree in a pot up front at our ceremony. Ryan’s mom and my mom will bring up a jar of dirt from each of their houses.  We are then supposed to plant the tree at our home. I really like the idea so I hope it goes smoothly.
on Woellert Farm

On Saturday my friend Lindsay’s bridesmaids were invited to a brunch at her future in laws house.  We were served the most delicious asparagus quiche, muffins, and fruit parfaits.  We even had one of Lindsay’s flower girls there to take our order! Next, we headed to Whitewater to Sisters Boutique to look at bridesmaid dresses! We were in and out within an hour and a half! I couldn't believe that it went so smoothly. Lindsay let us each pick our own style but we will all have the same color dress. 
Had to get a group shot before dress shopping

 In the evening we were all invited back to her in laws house for a bon fire. We grilled out and enjoyed a few drinks.  Her wedding party gets along great so we all shared plenty of laughs! I am so excited for her wedding next year! It is crazy to think that Ryan and I already have 5 weddings in the books for 2014.
Pintrest gone wrong

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