Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chileda Classic

I do not recommend signing up for a race two days prior.  Last week that is exactly what I did.  I wanted to get a race in before my next marathon in October and I knew another one through Lacrosse, WI would be beautiful. I finally bit the bullet and paid to $40 for a 10k.  This was my first race where I went alone and knew no one else running! I realized when I was setting out my race outfit the night before that I completely forgot my garmin. I have never done a race without my watch. I was nervous that I would be lost without knowing my pace.  My watch didn't work during the last leg of my Ragnar Chicago race and I ended up running at a 7:45 pace!

I of course was way too early for the start of the 10k and walked around for a while.  I met a girl who was also running alone and we decided to run together.  I also noticed she had the new Garmin Forerunner 410 and I wanted to ask for a product review. Surprisingly we stuck together for most of the race.  After we saw our time after the first mile she exclaimed "that is the fastest mile I have ever run!" I had so much fun running with her.  I finished in 49 minutes and I was really happy with it. It was my first 10k and would definitely do it again.