Friday, June 7, 2013

I Do's

Another wedding in the books!  It was now my friend Kate’s turn. Her and I have been friends since kindergarten and have tons of memories from Girl Scouts and Super Nintendo of course.  I actually stumbled across this photo of us from one of my birthday parties back in the day.  I thought it would be perfect to frame for Kate. In this picture we probably were secretly planning to get married in the same year ;)  I love Kate’s combed back hair.
Kate better have given me a malibu barbie
It was over Memorial Day so it turned into a celebration weekend for the bridal party. It was so nice to have our group of friends together three nights in a row.  Kate’s aunt Rita is actually a hair stylist so she and two of her assistants offered to do our hair.  Rita opened her home to us and it was so much more personable than going to a salon.  I also was persuaded to have my makeup done as well.  I was pretty apprehensive because I didn’t want to look like a freak but I loved the products she used.  I am considering doing it for my wedding now.

Me, my MOH, and KP all dolled up

The bride was stunning.  Isn’t her dress and hair perfect?  The venue was actually at Geneva National where dailycupofkate and I met and worked as servers for a few summers! It was nice to get waited on instead of having to serve rich golfers.  The reception was a blast.  A few guests were even reportedly kicked out for having a little too much fun! Open bar will do that to you.

Special request: bottle of ranch for the bride