Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner

I am officially Mrs. Servais! All of the planning and crazy checklists are OVER!

I wanted to write a little something about the rehearsal night because it was such a blast to have everyone together. I suggested (ok forced) my bridesmaids to meet about 45 prior to the rehearsal to get some cute pictures just with my camera.

chaty kathies

Ryan and I had six bridesmaids and six groomsmen in our wedding party and felt like it was a great number. We both feel so close to the members of our bridal party and had a blast spending the weekend with our closest friends. Our rehearsal was at Geneva Ridge resort and we were all excited to hit up the outside tiki bar.

Our rehearsal dinner took place about a mile away from our wedding rehearsal at the Hunt Club restaurant part of Geneva National Golf club where I used to work.. I had been there once before only because I received a discount! The food was amazing! Ryan and I already vowed that we are going here on our 1 year anniversary.
There is halibut under the asparagus. I promise.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake
After full bellies we had another drink and the girls decided to head home. We all knew we had to get up early for our hair appointments so it was a unanimous decision. My maid of honor suggested I get a "last single girl kiss" prior to departure.

That night I COULD NOT SLEEP! I wanted my sisters and I to all have a sleepover in my younger sister Sarah's bed. We went to bed around 10:00pm and I fell asleep right away. Around 12:30 I woke up as if my alarm had just gone off. I laid there a while and I finally decided to go into the living room to find my dad in there watching TV.  We watched House Hunters together and since it was dark my dad couldn't see me tearing up. It was so special to me to have those few minutes with him because I knew the next time I would see him we would be walking down the aisle to meet my groom! About an hour into House Hunters and countless sentences of conversation my dad turns to me and says "OH! Kristen its you!? I thought you were Tricia the whole time." Of course while I am having a sentimental moment my dad I just shooting the shit with whichever daughter pulls up a chair! I will not be letting him live this down.